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Repair and exchange of mirror motors / spinner motors

We offer instant exchange or repair of your mirror motor and grant 6 months warranty on new motors and 3 months warranty on repaired and refurbished ones.
Simply send in your defective motor and receive a free and non-binding quote within 24 hours. Alternatively, ask for an instant exchange at a fixed price.
Repair and exchange is available for mirror motors from the following machines:
Please, do us a favour and do not try to open any mirror motor by yourself. The motor is an air bearing with an 8 microns air gap. No dust of moisture must ever get inside that. Oiling, too, will always kill any air bearing, but we find that again and again. Every previously disassembled motor will need re-balancing which requires expensive specialised tools. We've already received so many spinners that we could normally have saved but that could just be considered total write-offs because someone had tried to open them before.
Mirror motors for Prime, Pro and Duo Signasetters lined up for repair.
Every repaired motors goes through a 24-hour testrun before it is shipped.
The motors are running at up to 54.000 rpm, so they need to be balanced well. Here you see our equipment to do that.
This is what many motors look like when we receive them ...
... as compared to after the refurbishment (rotor, axial and radial bearing).